The Top Things To Look For When Hiring A Reliable Irrigation Service



The Top Things To Look For When Hiring A Reliable Irrigation Service

The Top Things To Look For When Hiring A Reliable Irrigation Service

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A well-designed irrigation system will save around 8,800 gallons of water. That’s enough water to fill 22 hot tubs!

To make sure your new system performs well, you need a reliable irrigation service.

There are a lot of contractors who say they’re irrigation specialists. Many of those are fly-by-night operations. These contractors often take short-cuts that lead to property damage.

They won’t be around to maintain your system when it breaks.

Finding a top landscape service will take a little homework. But it’s worth it to know you’re doing your part to conserve water. 

Grab a notebook and pen. It’s time for you to start planning your irrigation system. 

Plan Ahead

Installing an irrigation system isn’t as easy as just picking out the sprinklers you want.

Before signing a contract with a contractor, make sure you know:

  • Your budget
  • Where you want the sprinklers
  • What kind of sprinklers you want
  • The location of any buried utility lines in the yard
  • How much coverage you want
  • If you need a county permit to install the system

When you have your plan in place, contact at least three contractors for bids. Make sure their terms fit what you need and that they take no shortcuts. Cheap irrigation pipes cost a lot to fix.

Ask to See Their Business License

Seasoned irrigation specialists won’t try to hide anything from you. They should gladly offer to show their license and insurance information.

In California, every irrigation contractor must have a license. This license guarantees that they have three years of experience and training.

Check the Contract 

Don’t blindly sign the irrigation contract or it could cost you down the road.

These contracts lay out the cost for the materials, work, and any other fees. This is also where you find out things like warranties and payment schedules.

If a contractor asks for you to pay more than 10% before starting work, that’s a red flag.

When this happens, ask the company for a lien release form. The form protects your home in case the contractor doesn’t complete the job. This way you aren’t financially responsible for the cost of the materials.

Make Sure They Guarantee Their Work

A reliable irrigation service will be around for years to help maintain your system. 

Who better to fix your irrigation system than the people who installed it? They’ll know what materials to use, where the water shut-offs are, etc. It’ll save you time and money.

Hire Only the Most Reliable Irrigation Service

It costs, on average, about $4,000 to install a new irrigation system. It’s an important investment for your property value, so it needs to be done right.

Avoid hiring contractors who try to hide information from you. Look out for red flags in the contract when it comes to the payment schedule.

Most importantly, find a reliable irrigation service willing to work with you, not around you. Your opinion about your home’s appearance should take top priority.

When you’re ready to take bids on your project, contact Huizars Landscape and Maintenance. We can’t wait to help you turn your yard into a beautiful oasis.

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