Xero Scapes Installation and Maintenance



Xero Scapes Installation and Maintenance

Xero Scapes Installation and Maintenance

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Some of you might know what a Xeriscaping is, while others, especially the amateur gardeners, may be hearing it for the first time. For starters, this method is one of the best measures you need to opt for in order to have a drought-tolerant landscape.


Xeroscape has been derived from the Latin words – ‘xerox meaning dry and ‘scape’ meaning landscape. So, the literal meaning of the word is ‘dry landscape. In the year 1980, Xeriscaping rose in popularity in the West of the United States. This is because people were increasingly searching for ways to construct drought-tolerant lawns.
It is a landscaping technique designed to reduce the irrigation needed for maintaining a landscape. In this process, you set up plants that adapt to the surroundings rather than establishing lawns or plantings that consume a lot of water. If Xeriscaping is maintained in the correct way, it will, without a doubt, use up lesser water than most traditional landscapes do. Furthermore, once you establish it, you do not need to maintain it regularly, and it will undoubtedly save you a lot of time.
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With the introduction of Xeriscaping, there has been a lesser amount of lawns in landscapes. By applying the ‘Rule of Thirds’ concept to your garden, view it from your streets or your house. You can lessen the grass-covered garden and turn it into a small one-third line, noticeable enough from both directions. This way, you can have the greens you expect on a lawn. Layer the rest of the Xeriscape with drought-tolerant plants. You can even add a garden bed, building it above the ground level. Keep in mind that it needs to be equipped with proper watering systems.
Furthermore, there is always the option to install artificial lawns. Modern grass that is made to look natural can be used for that particular line of grass. Not only are they clean and sustainable, but they also do not require much maintenance. All in all, incorporating Xeriscaping for drought-tolerant lawns has different solutions for different settings. For instance, if you own an expansive yard with many hills, your method will be different from someone landscaping a smaller lawn.
Xero Scapes Landscape


Xeriscape does need a little bit of maintenance, however not as much as a conventional landscape does. Your Xeriscaping design will determine how much maintenance you will need. Since this technique has a small lawn space and some native plants, they do not have many issues regarding pests or diseases. Also, apart from water, they have lesser requirements for fertilizers. Furthermore, since you do not use much water for Xeriscape, you do not need to prune or get rid of weeds as often.
Nevertheless, all gardens or lawns require some amount of maintenance such as controlling pests, mowing, fertilizing, and watering, be it conventional or Xeriscaping. Rest assured, our professionals at Huizar’s Landscape and Maintenance can assist you in properly maintaining your Xeriscape. They can also help you figure out the best approach to landscape your garden without wasting a lot of water. Soon, you will be enjoying a flawless and conserved landscape!
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